Minor bugfixes, no more.


Version 11 done!

Shortly, because I don’t have the time nor the energy for a long disquisition. I made some new stuff – several types of armour; also, player player starts with dirty cloak [+1] on body. Some melee weapons are now two-handed. When you start a new game, you must choose the class (1/5) of your character. I rebalanced object generation and strenght of enemies – now are much more dangerous.
I made a small interface improvement. Command ‘look’ works in two ways: by mouse (no change) and by player-object (automatically creates a list of objects on the same field as a player).

That would be sufficiently for now – I encourage you to download the new version11 from the ‘download’ site 🙂

Great news!

Yup. I remember the last post. Full of doubts. However, the situation is changing rapidly and in recent days I’ve done a lot of things. I added a new group od items – armour – and begin to implement other groups (helmets, rings, gloves, etc.); changed object generation. The last but not least – I make a five hero classes (tought fighters, dexterous assassins, hardy warriors, strong berserkers and versatile outlanders [names of classes may be changed to a more fit to fluff]). In addition, each of them levels up in a different way!

HumFallRL has become much too easy after previous changes in mechanics. Now I’m focus on improving balance in gameplay.

Version 11 soon!

New version – v.10

…but last for a long time. I have a problem to get motivated, therefore I didn’t make any major changes. I have ambitious (and not difficult to implement) plans, but I would first polish technical aspects of HumFallRL. Probably at irregular intervals will appear miniversions (minor improvements, balance issues, etc.). HumFallRL is not abandoned; it’s only pause in development. For these reasons, I finished only some important things.

Anyway, version 10 has been completed. Invite do download page, enjoy!

Still paused

I didn’t wrote (nor blog, nor roguelike) for a long time. First, I was working on excavation site (I love archaeology!) and I didn’t take computer. Later? Later were problems of life… And so it will be a long time. I may have not enough time and motivation to coding HumFallRL or so.

This doesn’t mean that I didn’t do anything during this time. Version 10 will be released soon (I hope). Randomized player’s start stats (I predict ‘classes’ in near future), changes in the (randomized now) statistics of opponents, repaired in-game menus – there’s done! I’m currently dealing with my very own GUI, which is surprisingly difficult.

Have a great.