Fix time – UnPabloQuest R6

So, I found two simple bugs which I made in earlier versions. Welcome message is correct now – this was very simple to fix. Another bug results of lack of beta testing – while ‘own graphics pack mode’ was enabled, forest tile was always displayed as in ascii mode, regardless if ascii mode are set or not.

If you found other bugs or mistakes, please let mi know – I fix them asap.

New release are ready to download, enjoy! 🙂


UnPabloQuest R5 released.

Hello everyone!

I had some time to develop UnPabloQuest further.

This time – only technical things.
Config file and his capabilities are expanded. Is possible to use a number of different font-bitmaps in game now. Currently only terminal fonts are suported, but you can change size from 8×8, through 8×12 (default), 10×14, etc., to 16×16. All supported font-files are included in game archive.

So, I had to a bit rework folders structure. Data folder contains two subfolders – saves (for save games, obviously) and fonts. After running game, necessary file from data/fonts is copied to main directory and renamed to terminal.png.

Last significant change is new name generator. There are four generators – one original by Cebollinos and three written by me (but I must say that I used parts of jice’s work). Every random name may be made by any generator.

I hope you enjoy the new version 🙂 UnPabloQuest R5 is ready to download.