NoirRL – post mortem

I fixed lasts (I hope) bugs in NoirRL. In readme I wrote hint ‘how to start’ – use a phone (‘%’ on table in detective’s home) often. First talk with kindappers, later call to NY police office… And go on 😉

New version here or on page.


NoirRL – Post-7DRL version

Done. It is not very polished yet, but all bugs are fixed, I added new options to dialogues in verbal riddles (‘Let me think…’ – to end dialogue if you are not sure what option is correct).

Is possible to change graphics (terminal or libtcod’s courier_new font; also tiles, but only in noir.cfg file, because tiles are unsupported now – pre-alpha version) in game or in config file.

This is first post-7drl version and is most debugged, I hope that you’ll enjoyed NoirRL.

Feel free to take game from download page or support me buying game from

7DRL2015 – Seven Day Band by Jeff Lait

Seven Day Band. I had high hopes about this roguelike – Jeff Lait’s roguelikes never (…ok, except of Malachite Dreams…) disappoints. I immediately say – this game is fucking awesome.

Main idea is very special. JL vouch for dungeon generator, sample of enemies, system/mechanics, but… everything else depends on the player. It is the player who naming all creatures, deciding about how their strenght of attack (and may add special effects), about their HP, speed… Also decides how deep will MacGuffin be.Featured image

Exacly. Game is an Angband’ clone, but don’t look very similar to other *bands. As Angband 7DB works poorly. As game inspired by Angband – is very, very good. Smaller dungeons, estethic design, good sense of colours… As usual in Lait’s roguelikes.

I recommend to play (a lot), one of the best games of 7DRLC2015.


NoirRL finished!

Ok, I’m little busy so briefly. As always.

I finished programming NoirRL 15 march 2015, so I am the winner 😉 Unfortunately I had not time to well-test my game and Noir had a lot (and more) bugs. Some of bugs was critical – game was impossible to pass.

I made three versions with fixes – less and more important. However, last version is most bug-free (but not well-polished yet) and has not critical bugs. It’s last pure-7DRL version, so I think that I will continue development of NoirRL, but next version will be 7DRL-free 😉

Meanwhile – feel free to download most recent version from ‘downloads’ page or – if you want to support me – download/buy  from

Greets for all 7DRL participants and congrats for all winners!

NoirRL – more info

ctrl+c, ctrl+v from my post on

Simple idea – make roguelike adventure game based on old noir movies. This is not standard roguelike… Not in details. Gameplay reminds interactive fiction a little.

Player is a detective. It’s only what you need to know at this moment. Traveling around the states, talk to people, solve criminal cases and earn money.

What I personally find most interesting? Solving cases. Each case is assigned to one logical puzzle (in the future, after 7DRL, there will be more puzzles). Depending on the speed of solving the problem is generated one possible scenario (simple – succes, failure, + sort of ‘draw’).

wilderness bismarck salem

NoirRL – 7DRL 2015

Hi! Development of HumFallRL will be paused. The reason is Seven Day RogueLike 2015. I must admit that this is a great initiative. I can take a break from BigProject and make a little, rather simply game. Very refreshing.

My second 7DRL (Fragility) is pretty bad… Ok, it sucks. Fragility is bugged, odd, un-intuitive and unbalanced. Can say that this is alpha version. I have not a time and released not-fully-finished (but… it working and main objectives have been met.

NoirRL. There’s title of my 7DRL’15 entrace. It will be based on old noir movies (like Maltese Falcon). Graphics will be ASCII in shades of gray, maybe sometimes beige. The idea is to make gameplay more like a adventure game than a typical roguelike.

I will use the code snippets from HF…

So far enough, wish me good luck.