New version – v.10

…but last for a long time. I have a problem to get motivated, therefore I didn’t make any major changes. I have ambitious (and not difficult to implement) plans, but I would first polish technical aspects of HumFallRL. Probably at irregular intervals will appear miniversions (minor improvements, balance issues, etc.). HumFallRL is not abandoned; it’s only pause in development. For these reasons, I finished only some important things.

Anyway, version 10 has been completed. Invite do download page, enjoy!


2 thoughts on “New version – v.10

  1. I don’t want to be taken as a whiner, and I enjoyed your game, even while it is quite simplistic but IMO you should make combat, or monster stats randomization (it’s hard to tell which one, because I don’t know how each one is randomized) less chancy. Right now you can never tell how hard a monster is going to be to beat, i.e. I dueled two doormans and took ~4 HP damage from each one, and to defeat next one costed me almost 150 ( full hp bar at two medpacks).

    Anyways, it’s a nice little game, even if manyof it’s features are prone to abuse. Abusing is fun after all 🙂 After ~3 hours I reached depth 8 max.

    Some more doc’s would be nice if you are going to continue development. Like, let us how deep the dungoen is, and if it varies than at least aproximately.

    • Hi, 3B. I’m sorry that you had to wait so long for a response. I am very pleased that you decided to share your observations. I need it – I, as a developer – so much I do with humfall that sometimes don’t want to carefully examine how that works. as Thomas Biskup who only at the crowdfunding campaign learned that the last 10 character levels levels gains on D:50 😉

      Referring to what you wrote. Both monster stats and combat contains random elements. I see that it is all too random and worked on this. But I didn’t think that this is sooooo random and I’m surprised. What features do you consider as prone to abuse? Wound healing between levels?

      Of course I can do more doc’s, it’s not a problem. I have not done it so far because … well, I didn’t expected that anyone *really* playing HumFallRL. For this reason – your comment is important, he goose me.

      Answered to your question. In the new v12 (will come soon) dungeon will have 20 levels (boss and… altar to devote themselves). There will be also new levels not counting the overall depth of the shelter – treasure levels, without enemies, but with scattered across the floor equipment.

      If you’ve played v11 you certainly met new (simple) system of classes. What do you think, it works well?

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