Rogue with Purple Heart (7DRLC 2016) is finished!

Yeah, game is finished.

Although I have some concerns…  In my country is (ok, was when I write first info about finishing contest) 11PM now… I don’t know if I can post this as ‘success’. I announced starting 5 V, but I started 6 V. Anyway – here is this. Rogue with Purple Heart, 7DRL2016 build.

I didn’t include every feature what I want to include, but RPH is quite complete. For example, I wanted to make looting corpses mechanics (for VietCong related weapons and ammo). In the next release, I promise. I hope that post-campo build would be better balanced than first version.

Anyway – check, enjoy and send feedback!

direct download

download page


Rogue with Purple Hearh – middle of day 6

Rogue with Purple Heart is almost done. I should improve level generation (there is one, ‘all-time-straight’ path from left side of the map to the right side of the map; I tried to make level 100% passable by drunkard’s walk, but it works weird; some new attempts will be tested tomorrow), there are some issue about last level and I would like to make simple ‘perk’ system, but that’s all and it should be done tomorrow (or even today). One thing which affraids me it’s lack of playtesting, so lack of balance. This is reason why I ask for ‘date compartment’ clarification (on the roguetemple forums) – one day more would be ideal, it would be day only for polishing. Ouh, probably I will do special ‘post campo’ release.

Anyway, interesting things which are implemented already:

– simple ‘speed system’
– simple-but-significant differences between player’s classes (infrantryman/rifleman, scout marksman, reconnesaince man, machine gunner, sniper)
– balance and historical related differences between player (US Soldier) and enemies (Vietcong partizans), so player has better weapons, but enemies are just *better* in jungle fights

There are few design choices which I’m not sure. In most cases it’s about ‘realistic’ / ‘immersive’ choice. For example, word ‘sniper’ is associated with long range units, which are very dangerous. Machine guns usually link with weapons which are very dangerous due to ‘high dps’ / ‘high damage-for-bullet’ rate, but not necessarily as long range units. So, I think that more immersive gameplay is if sniper has longer effective range than machine gunner.
But, for example, as a matter of fact, M60 machine gun have (it depends, but let us assume that *a lot*) longer effective range than M40 sniper rifle.
Another choice is about M1 Garand reloading.

Some screenshots:



Rogue with Purple Heart – days 1&2

So, truth is this that I started today. Purple Heart Rogue (yup, this is possible name) was announced yesterday and… This was end of my work yesterday. Few good, old friends (hello, Insimilion!) visited me so… So I have less time to complete challange.

Anyway – I made lots of technical related things today, but not very much stricte gamepley-oriented coding. About these second things: I finished scripts for *slightly random generation* of the first location (photo below) and last location (w/o photo, I don’t want to spoil too much). Also dungeon / locations generator is almost done, but I still have to solve some problems.


Rogue with Purple Heart – 7DRL 2016

Hi! I didn’t write anything for month, but I’m still working on the tilesets for HumFallRL. They would be done later in March, but… we will see. This post is about 7 Day Roguelike Challange 2016. If you don’t know what is this, you could read article about it.

My entry should be simple game. Last year I take too large scope and this was very problematic for development in 7 days.

I decided to make game about Vietnam War. Yup, this 20-years-long conflict. But this would not be game about heroic acts. Player character is ordinary private who survive (and he’s probably only survivor, btw) ambush made by Vietcong.  You are wounded and you have to reach Medevac asap.

I’m going to insert some (rather as *spirit* factors, not gameplay or mechanics) platformer elements into quite traditional roguelike.

So, what do you think, what name is better? ‘Rogue with Purple Heart’ or just ‘Purple Heart’? I think that second one sounds better and ‘Rogue’ in title of the roguelikes is very generic thing, but what’s about google-ability, memorizing factor, etc?

More informations about contest is on the 7DRL blog. Also I have my own topic on roguetemple forums.