HumFallRL is back!

Ekhm… After 7DRL, after some time due to health issues and searching for job… …after ISTQB exam (passed!) I return to my main project: HumFallRL.

First – important info. My friend¬†sya joins to the ‘team’. She will be work with design and art issues – quests ideas, monsters descriptions, etc.

Currently I’m programming fighting with NPCs in towns. I developed all necessary mechanics.¬†Now only I adjust it to the locations and people.

Then… I want to make a small summary of version 12.

At this moment is done:
– victory conditions
– boss (PipBoy is boss and not normal spawned monster anymore)
– wilderness
– cities and settlements
– important NPCs
– townsfolk
– talk function
– new formulas of healing
– new equipment (boots, gloves, helmets)
– autosave (autobackup) function
– turn counter
– game logs
– some minor changes in graphics and controls

In developement:
– quests
– traps

– a lot of… everything?