Let’s sail!

Next quest added. I had idea of sea journey and I decided to implement it. It took me some time, but I am quite satisfied with the result. Ship design still needs fine-tuning, but it is a little thing. The main things – scripts, placing characters, mechanics, dialogue – are already done.

The ship is divided into three levels: a) main deck (with aftercastle) b) crow’s nest c) companionway (under-deck). Talking with Captain we may choose target of travel. At the moment there are two possibilities (back to the port, and sailing to island, which is quest’s location), but I’m going to improved it.

^ is crow's nest's entry, \ is descent to companionway; player is standing on aftercastle

^ is crow’s nest’s entry, \ is descent to companionway; player is standing on aftercastle


New system of saving games

Yup. I thought a little about saving games. This sucks – in HumFall. You can have only one character, because file name is always the same. It was necessary to change. Now player has three options – save game and continue playing, exit game with saved state, and quit game without saving.

Moreover, I made a simple autosave system (qua autobackup) – always when PC change location or accomplish a quest, game state is saving to file ‘backup[name_of_character].bak’

Shops! and more

I can proudly announce that I finished work on the mechanics of the unique NPCs. It was a lot of work and nerves…

When are friendly they move in their assigned locations (typically houses). Only when PC attacks them… or attempts to rob the store or for other reasons location becomes hostile – unique NPC gets ‘freedom of movement’ and his ai switched to standard-enemy algorithm. It is already used in several quests, will be used also in shops (*bandlike; simple mechanic is already working!).