UnPabloQuest R8a

No gameplay changes, only python’s libraries dependencies fixed.

Ready for download on own and download pages.


A few words of explanation

Sadly, I have no time for HumFallRL since I’m working as stevedore. Sometimes I code something (usually quests, but last time I rewrited and remodeled UI) in my free time, but I have to say it’s impossible to release completed v12 in 2015. I hope to make it in 1Q of 2016, but I’m affraid that 2Q is more likely.

Facebook page!

I decided to start my own facebook page. It isn’t truly prepared now, but I didn’t want to wait longer. This should be place for small news, development’s curiosities and some more general posts.
I would like to invite you to like my fanpage. I think this can be more frequent update than the blog… 😉

UnPabloQuest R8

I thought that new version will be release later, but as I wrote in previous post – I known what to fix. And how to fix, like we can see 😉

Besides minor changes and small amount of refactored code, I handle with message system. Missing spaces when more than one message was display very annoyed me, so I handle with this problem. Very little in-game change, a bit more boring work. Next I changed method of creating starting eq. The end of five helms [0] at start, without useful items! 🙂 Later I worked on more intuitive way to end game after death. Last – ReadMe.txt is updated, and game have own icon.

As always, the last version is in download page. Enjoy!

UnPabloQuest R7! :)

I had bad feelings recently. Pneumonia, injury of backbone, financial problems, being unable to work… I’m a bit depressed. And it’s hard to manage so big/ambitious project as WitcherRL.

So, I take a look of UnPabloQuest. All time I concentrate about technical things – bugfixes and new possibilities. Today, I add support to arial fonts and it looks very good for me 🙂 Font bitmaps need to be improved/corrected to future (more extensive) use, but for now everything works fine. Also new type of items appear – there are rings, so amulets became neck-slot items. I changed symbols of item groups too.

This is ‘quick peek’ release, but I know what to do next now.

UPQ R7 is available in download page. Enjoy! 🙂

Insimilion – non-roguelike stuff (not yet?)

Hi guys.

This day is not a roguelike day. But maybe some words of explanation first.

I’m still roguelike developer ( 😛 ), there is no fucking chance to change it. HumFallRL is currently on hold, but I’m still going to finish v12 (will be released when will be released). Still care of UnPabloQuest, but it is not a priority now.  All my roguelike-working-time I spent for developing new game. There will be big text based cRPG, I want to make game which is close to roguelike, Darklands and Ultima 7 at once. Rest of WitcherRL should be mystery… Ooops!

So, what’s now? I establish cooperation with polish fantasy site Insimilion. I’m member of editorial board, and I publish my first text for Insi today. Article is comparision of The Elder Scrolls. There is a little number of comparision all parts of series. And I wrote text about Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim.

I invite to read (and I warn you – article is in polish language) 🙂

Fix time – UnPabloQuest R6

So, I found two simple bugs which I made in earlier versions. Welcome message is correct now – this was very simple to fix. Another bug results of lack of beta testing – while ‘own graphics pack mode’ was enabled, forest tile was always displayed as in ascii mode, regardless if ascii mode are set or not.

If you found other bugs or mistakes, please let mi know – I fix them asap.

New release are ready to download, enjoy! 🙂