Help Jupiter Hell (DoomRL successor) pass throught kickstarter!

Hello all! I know I didn’t write here for half year. I was just out of space and out of time and out of everything, I didn’t manage to write single sensible line of code. But! I’m currently working on small, nice roguelike, you can see small updates on my facebook page. It’s called Infinite Dungeon and I promise, I’ll wrote summarizing post here soon.

But it’s time to cut the chase.

If you are here, you probably know DoomRL. But just in case: fast paced, rewarding, replayable, beautiful roguelike tribute to legendary ID Software’s shooter. Tons of achievments, lots of challange modes, great tiles, arresting soundset, nice system of ‘crafting’ and upgrading weapons… But the main reason why this game is so enjoyable is its fast and furious gameplay. Full stop, just download and play.

There is no secret that authors of DoomRL, ie ChaosForge, are working on new game currently. Jupiter Hell is supposed to be spiritual successor of their flagship product. And, to be honest, it looks awesome already – and it’s still in (pre)alpha state! Also ASCII mode will be suported. If you would like you can catch devteam streaming their efforts via every wednesday at 5pm UTC.

These guys are hard-working. They devloped whole new engine just for Jupiter Hell! But now, they need our help. JH’s kickstarter started yesterday. To be honest, 60000 GPH is pretty ambitious and, I’m affraid, a bit *risky* target for such a project – true roguelikes are still niche, after all. But it’s possible that I’m mistaken – during first day backers pledged ~14k GPB!

I just wanted to advertise their kickstarter campaign a bit. I pledged already for supporter, they deserve it – for long hours spent with DoomRL.

Spread the word!

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