Rogue with Purple Heart – 7DRL 2016

Hi! I didn’t write anything for month, but I’m still working on the tilesets for HumFallRL. They would be done later in March, but… we will see. This post is about 7 Day Roguelike Challange 2016. If you don’t know what is this, you could read article about it.

My entry should be simple game. Last year I take too large scope and this was very problematic for development in 7 days.

I decided to make game about Vietnam War. Yup, this 20-years-long conflict. But this would not be game about heroic acts. Player character is ordinary private who survive (and he’s probably only survivor, btw) ambush made by Vietcong.  You are wounded and you have to reach Medevac asap.

I’m going to insert some (rather as *spirit* factors, not gameplay or mechanics) platformer elements into quite traditional roguelike.

So, what do you think, what name is better? ‘Rogue with Purple Heart’ or just ‘Purple Heart’? I think that second one sounds better and ‘Rogue’ in title of the roguelikes is very generic thing, but what’s about google-ability, memorizing factor, etc?

More informations about contest is on the 7DRL blog. Also I have my own topic on roguetemple forums.