Tilesets for HumFallRL

Right now I’ve already moved on to a tileset making. It should be pretty easy… if you would use prepared tilesets, like DawnHack or amazing sets from Oryx. But I would like to make it on my own way.

So, I’m making new font-files for libtcod now. I want to make something beautiful so it’s hard work… I’m not very good at graphics. But – hey, I’m on way!

This will be one specific tileset in various sizes: 8×8, 12×12, 16×16, later 32×32, 64×64 and even 128×128. Of course larger tilesets would be prettier – because there is more space to adding details.

It’s early beta, but it shows the intended direction. The most annoying thing in tiled libtcod is this fucking black background under every tile which doesn’t filling the entire field… Removing this effect is a lot of work!


PS. Hm, it looks a bit similar to U.S.A…