UnPabloQuest R5 released.

Hello everyone!

I had some time to develop UnPabloQuest further.

This time – only technical things.
Config file and his capabilities are expanded. Is possible to use a number of different font-bitmaps in game now. Currently only terminal fonts are suported, but you can change size from 8×8, through 8×12 (default), 10×14, etc., to 16×16. All supported font-files are included in game archive.

So, I had to a bit rework folders structure. Data folder contains two subfolders – saves (for save games, obviously) and fonts. After running game, necessary file from data/fonts is copied to main directory and renamed to terminal.png.

Last significant change is new name generator. There are four generators – one original by Cebollinos and three written by me (but I must say that I used parts of jice’s work). Every random name may be made by any generator.

I hope you enjoy the new version 🙂 UnPabloQuest R5 is ready to download.


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