UnPabloQuest R3 released!

Isn’t big release, but still bigger than R2 😉

What’s new in R3? Polishing techside of game was the main goal. I don’t introduced gameplay changes, but main menu and exit menu have more options now, and whole menus system are slightly more fine.

Btw, vi-keys are supported now.

Why I decided to release that small version? So, I made cfg file. So… there is sort of graphic option menu – not very user friendly, but – I belive – simple to edit and decent documented.

Personally I don’t like original graphics of PabloQuest. Ie, there is very pretty, but it’s tiring for my eyes and symbols are not clear for me – I’m very accustomed to ADoM (and adomlike) style of graphics. Then, in first version of UnPabloQuest, I changed symbol map. But…

I think that there are people which love old look of original PQ, and  UPQ is too classic/traditional. Consequently – I made UPQ.cfg file. Default options are set to ‘my’ symbolspack, but you can quickly change whole set to PQ 1.2 by changing GRAPH = 2 to GRAPH = 1.

If you like some symbols from PabloQuest, but other original tiles are annoying for you – you can change it easy!
First you have to set GRAPH to value 3. Next you can go to next section of cfg file and change every tile in game for PQ (1) version and UPQ (2) version.

Usually I keep forest tiles from original PabloQuest and set other symbol to classic ASCII. It looks like this:

HILL = 2

As always, latest version you can download from my download page.


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