7DRL2015 – Seven Day Band by Jeff Lait

Seven Day Band. I had high hopes about this roguelike – Jeff Lait’s roguelikes never (…ok, except of Malachite Dreams…) disappoints. I immediately say – this game is fucking awesome.

Main idea is very special. JL vouch for dungeon generator, sample of enemies, system/mechanics, but… everything else depends on the player. It is the player who naming all creatures, deciding about how their strenght of attack (and may add special effects), about their HP, speed… Also decides how deep will MacGuffin be.Featured image

Exacly. Game is an Angband’ clone, but don’t look very similar to other *bands. As Angband 7DB works poorly. As game inspired by Angband – is very, very good. Smaller dungeons, estethic design, good sense of colours… As usual in Lait’s roguelikes.

I recommend to play (a lot), one of the best games of 7DRLC2015.

Site: http://www.zincland.com/7drl/7dayband/


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