NoirRL finished!

Ok, I’m little busy so briefly. As always.

I finished programming NoirRL 15 march 2015, so I am the winner 😉 Unfortunately I had not time to well-test my game and Noir had a lot (and more) bugs. Some of bugs was critical – game was impossible to pass.

I made three versions with fixes – less and more important. However, last version is most bug-free (but not well-polished yet) and has not critical bugs. It’s last pure-7DRL version, so I think that I will continue development of NoirRL, but next version will be 7DRL-free 😉

Meanwhile – feel free to download most recent version from ‘downloads’ page or – if you want to support me – download/buy  from

Greets for all 7DRL participants and congrats for all winners!


2 thoughts on “NoirRL finished!

  1. Hi Vedor!

    I messaged you on Facebook messenger. I have desperately been trying to get NoirRL to launch on Windows 10 and have had no luck.

    Is there a direct link or file to the game that you could e-mail me? At this point, willing to pay

    • Yeah, I was out of life lastly, I’m sorry for late reply. I reponded to your facebook message already. Hope I will be able to help you, but I’d need more info about launching problem – NoirRL executables works well for me.

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