NoirRL – 7DRL 2015

Hi! Development of HumFallRL will be paused. The reason is Seven Day RogueLike 2015. I must admit that this is a great initiative. I can take a break from BigProject and make a little, rather simply game. Very refreshing.

My second 7DRL (Fragility) is pretty bad… Ok, it sucks. Fragility is bugged, odd, un-intuitive and unbalanced. Can say that this is alpha version. I have not a time and released not-fully-finished (but… it working and main objectives have been met.

NoirRL. There’s title of my 7DRL’15 entrace. It will be based on old noir movies (like Maltese Falcon). Graphics will be ASCII in shades of gray, maybe sometimes beige. The idea is to make gameplay more like a adventure game than a typical roguelike.

I will use the code snippets from HF…

So far enough, wish me good luck.


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